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Safety razor:This is how you use a safety razor

by Jeroen Convens on Oct 07, 2022

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Safety razor: This is how you use a safety razor

Safety razor blades & disposable razor blades

Safety razor blades are mainly seen in the first half of the 20th century. during the 'traditional' shaving of men. Nowadays, however, we have a completely different picture regarding razors for men.

It is known worldwide that a number of companies have manipulated marketing campaigns within this sector, resulting in almost every man using cheap disposable shaving products.

Think of companies such as Gillette. Everyone knows the commercials where a world-class football player shows how smoothly and neatly the Gillette blades glide over the skin.

Ideal for Gillette, of course, since the average man seems to be satisfied with the razor blades, which they can often throw away after two shaves. But hey, if their favorite football player uses these razor blades, then there is no doubt that Gillette blades are both solid and durable razor blades.

Safety Razor Zwart

Benefits of a safety razor

Compared to a disposable razor, a safety razor has quite a few interesting advantages. Below you will find two of the most important benefits of these traditional razor blades at a glance!

A safety razor is durable

If you use a safety razor, you immediately reduce the annual costs you pay for shaving your mustache and beard. Even though the modern variants often cost a lot less and also have several razor-sharp blades.

After a few shaves you will notice that a safety razor is much more durable compared to a disposable razor. In the long term, a safety razor offers a sustainable alternative.

The best end result

The overarching goal when shaving is of course the end result. As soon as your razor leaves a smooth skin surface, without causing all kinds of ingrown hairs or other types of irritations.

Thanks to the cumbersome design of a modern razor blade, it never achieves the same result as a safety razor blade. Modern blades ensure that the skin is stretched slightly by means of a thin layer of rubber.

This layer of rubber consists of so-called microfins, which ensure that every hair just below the skin's surface is cut. However, as soon as a hair is shaved too short, there is a chance that it will start to grow in the upper layers of the skin. This ultimately causes irritations, bumps and ingrown hairs.

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This is how you use a safety razor

Ultimately, you want to know how you can use a safety razor as effectively as possible. That is why below you will find a brief step-by-step plan for shaving with a safety razor.

Always use one after every shave decent aftershave, so you can combat most skin irritations. If you are now the proud owner of a mustache, you can style it with mustache wax.

  1. Before you start shaving, it is important that you briefly warm your skin with warm water or a warm towel. This way, the pores of both your skin and hair will open. This ultimately ensures a comfortable shave and the best end result.
  2. Then apply a generous amount of oil, soap or other pre-shave products to the area you want to shave. A proper pre-shave treatment ensures that the friction between the skin and the safety razor is reduced.
  3. Now it's time for shaving cream! It is best to use a synthetic shaving brush to apply shaving foam. Such a brush has a bristle that ensures that all skin surface under your beard stubble is reached. To do this, make circular movements with the shaving brush while applying.
  4. When shaving with a safety razor, it is important that you do not put too much pressure on the skin. Let the safety razor do the work, without putting pressure on the blade. Make sure you place the razor against your skin at an angle of approximately 30 degrees. This ensures the best end result.
  5. After shaving, first wash your face with warm water. This way you can immediately wash away all the remaining shaving foam. You can then briefly wet your face with cold water. This ensures that your pores close again. Finally, apply a skin-caring aftershave to your skin. This protects the skin and nourishes it with moisturizing minerals.

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