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Feather double edge safety razor Popular butterfly closure

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Product description

Feather is a large Japanese manufacturer of razors, scissors and surgical/medical scalpels, among others. Feather is known for the razor-sharp Feather double edge razor blades.

Product information
The butterfly mechanism of this safety razor ensures safe and easy razor blade changes. Very competitively priced. The shaving head of the razor is a closed comb. Includes 1 set of 2 loose DE razor blades.

By turning the handle, the butterfly mechanism opens. This makes it easy to place the razor blade in the shaving head. Suitable for the novice shaver with light to normal beard growth.

First lather the beard hairs thoroughly, hold the razor at an angle of approximately 30 degrees to the skin, press the blade lightly on the skin and shave with the beard hairs. At the neck area, pull the skin taut with the other hand.

Material and specifications
Plastic and chrome-plated metal
Handle length:10 cm
Weight:35 gr