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Beard shampoo

What is beard shampoo?

Beard shampoo is a specially formulated shampoo that hydrates the skin and also contains essential oils for the beard. A good beard shampoo also cleans and refreshes the beard.

Beard shampoo is an essential product for you beard. But why should you use a beard shampoo? Using the wrong type of product on your beard, such as soap or regular shampoo, can make your beard dry and brittle and can even irritate the skin underneath..

Why can't I use regular shampoo??

Your beard needs as much moisture as possible to keep it looking full and healthy. Using a regular shampoo, which strips away your natural oils, can break your beard or make it look frizzy and unkempt. Beard shampoo locks in the necessary oils, while also removing odors and other discomforts that can build up in your beard over the course of the day.

Beards need more oil than regular hair. Facial hair has a different texture; it is coarser and thicker. And it tends to dry out faster. This is especially true as your beard grows longer. That's why regular shampoo dries out your beard and robs it of its natural oils.

The best beard shampoo contains natural oils without the harmful chemicals in regular shampoo that strip away oil. These special beard shampoos are therefore designed to keep your beard better hydrated, while cleansing, removing excess oil and refreshing it. Ultimately, a beard shampoo helps make your beard softer, shinier and less brittle.

Is using a beard shampoo really necessary??

Yes, just like you wash your head hair, it is important to also wash your beard. Bacteria easily attach to your beard, which is of course not good for your health. Using beard shampoo is therefore also beneficial for your health. Allergens and pollen can also remain in your beard. Of course, this is anything but helpful if you suffer from seasonal allergies.

If you do not regularly care for your beard with a beard shampoo, you are more likely to get split ends, rougher hair and dehydration of your beard. Washing your beard replenishes the important natural oils.

What happens if you don't wash your beard?

There are a few things that can happen if you don't wash your beard with a good shampoo at least once every six months. Beard dandruff, as the name suggests, can be caused by not giving your beard and the skin underneath it the proper care and hydration they need. We all know there are shampoos we can use when we get dandruff on our scalp, so does beard shampoo?

The answer is that while everyone is different, you can minimize your risk of beard dandruff by giving your beard the moisture it needs without depriving it of its natural nutrients. That's why we recommend using beard shampoo!

The second thing that can happen is beard odor. Unwashed hair of any kind can start to emit odors that are absorbed into the air around you. City dwellers may notice the smell of pollutants or smog, while workers in a restaurant or bar can take home the day's specials in scent form. Keeping your beard clean is the best way to stop the smell.

How often should you use beard shampoo?

It is best to use beard shampoo once a week. Every beard is of course different, so you can certainly adjust your washing schedule to your lifestyle and the size and thickness of your beard. If you wash your beard too little, beard odor can develop. These are odors that spread and can be perceived by the people around you.

In addition, if you do not wash your beard at least once every six months, beard dandruff can develop. Beard dandruff occurs because you do not provide your beard and the skin underneath with the correct care and hydration. You can prevent this by giving your beard enough moisture without depriving it of natural nutrients. A good beard shampoo is the solution against annoying odors and beard dandruff!

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Now that you know that beard shampoo is really useful for your routine, you still need to buy a good beard shampoo. Which shampoo for your beard should you use now? We list some of our toppers::

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Captain Fawcett Beer'd Shampoo: This beard shampoo is for the beer lovers among us. Captain Fawcett is known for its high-quality beard products, and this beard shampoo is of top quality.