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Beard comb

Beard comb what is it?

There is nothing complicated about the construction of a beard comb: it starts with a slender handle of varying lengths and contains teeth that are evenly spaced. And while that's about it, there's more to a beard comb than meets the eye.

What types of beard combs are there? Which beard comb is good..

The body of the beard comb

Beard combs are usually made of wood, cellulose acetate, plastic, metal and horn (such as bovine horn).

Wooden beard combs usually get high ratings for many reasons, including the fact that they don't cause static beard hairs, they are very durable, and they look good - especially the highest quality beard combs. However, lower-quality beard combs can get caught in your beard hairs and damage them.

Cellulose acetate is a synthetic comb material that you should use for your beard without hesitation. It is a rubber-like material that does not produce static electricity, is very durable and does not snag your beard hairs. Simply a good beard comb.

Serious beard men tend to avoid plastic beard combs because they are often cheap, don't last long and produce a lot of static electricity, which can turn a well-groomed beard into one full of frizzy hair. Whatever you do, don't grab a cheap plastic beard comb off the shelf - one that may or may not be suitable for grooming your beard - and call NOT "good enough".

Metal combs are also an option, but honestly they aren't that great. The teeth of metal beard combs do not have smooth edges, which can damage your beard, and they can cause static electricity.

Beard combs made from ox horn and other horn materials earn high marks for durability and for helping users achieve a well-trained, well-groomed appearance.

The teeth of a beard comb!

A comb is only as good as its teeth and an important point to consider when choosing the best comb for you.

In particular, the width of a comb's teeth is crucial. By width we mean the space between the individual teeth and beard combs have two sets of teeth, both wide and narrow.

How to use the beard comb?

It is important to use the beard comb correctly. How do you do that? In any case, by combing calmly and loosely. This is the case even if you have a big beard. It is important not to put too much force on the beard comb. This is not good for the material and not good for your beard and skin..

In general, the wider the space, the easier it is to slide your comb through the thicker, longer parts of your beard. If the coarseness of your beard is soft, then narrower teeth may be your best option.

How does the beard comb differ from the beard brush?

Maybe you are the type of beard guy who has been styling his beard with a beard brush for a long time. Why do you still need a beard comb? It is especially important to ensure that your beard continues to look beautiful. You can do this, for example, by untangling the hair with the comb. It is also the ideal way to distribute the wax or oil evenly over all hair..