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Beard brush

Buy beard brushes

Are you looking for a beard brush? Or do you want to discover what exactly a beard brush works and how it can help you care for and tame your beard? Discover here what a beard brush is good for, why you need one and which one you have to choose.n.

What is a beard brush?

A beard brush is a special brush for your beard. To reach all beard hairs properly, there is a large amount of hair in the brush. These hairs are highly concentrated and are attached to each other in the base of the brush. A beard brush is a brush with hairs that are very close together. You read that correctly: hair. A good beard brush consists of wild boar bristles, hence the term boar brush..

The hair of a wild boar is extremely hard and because of the way in which the brush groups these hard hairs, all the beard hairs are reached when you comb through them. There are of course also beard brushes made of synthetic material instead of wild boar bristles. Especially for those who do not want to brush themselves with real animal hair.

With a beard brush you can quickly and easily care for your beard. Especially in combination with a good beard oil, this duo seems like a golden match. Buying a beard brush is therefore important for the care and look of your beard.

What are beard brushes needed for??

Using a beard brush will help you keep your beard in the best condition. Beard brush is therefore an indispensable instrument for your total beard care. There are a number of reasons why you should include a beard brush in your beard care routine:

  • It prevents an itchy beard and beard dandruff
  • Removes dirt, excess sebum and tangles
  • Ensures that beard oil and beard balm are easily distributed throughout your beard
  • Models your beard and creates more volume
  • Stimulates your beard growth and softens your hair
  • Ensures good blood circulation to the hair follicles
  • Your beard looks clean and well-groomed

How to use a beard brush?

Very simple, just brush! Please note: your beard is best dried, otherwise your beard hair can break. Wash your beard regularly with beard shampoo. You will notice that brushing your beard will become easier.

Benefits of a beard brush

  • Helps against an itchy beard and beard dandruff: when you start growing your beard you will experience a lot of itching. This is due to your skin's sebum production. The beard brush will ensure that the sebum from your skin is distributed over your beard. This will ensure a nice, non-itchy beard.
  • Provides more volume in your beard.
    By brushing you create more texture and volume in your beard, making it appear fuller. Regular brushing will also make the hair less wild and easier to style.
  • Stimulates hair growth

Brushing your beard thoroughly stimulates the hair follicles considerably. This effect will promote your beard growth. Your beard hairs will grow faster, become thicker and break off less quickly.