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Sea Salt Spray

What is Sea Salt Spray & what does it do for your hair?

Sea salt spray is a product that gives you that perfect beach hair look without having to go to the ocean. Named after their main ingredient, the Sea Salt Spray are rich in minerals, consisting of sea salt and other ingredients such as water, alcohol, or glycerin. The Sea Salt Spray scent can vary from floral to fruity, but always has a salty undertone.

When you apply sea salt spray to limp or straight strands, it provides extra volume, texture and thickness when styling. The texture also varies in thickness: some Sea Salt Spray are more watery than others. This makes it easier to distribute them evenly throughout your hair for a more natural-looking effect.

Compared to regular hair sprays and gels, sea salt sprays are a lighter and more natural alternative. Without weighing your hair down or over-spraying yourself with product. And while sea salt sprays are usually a pre-styling aid, they can be used on your hair regardless of the products you've already applied.

Trust us: when the sea salt smell settles on your scalp, you'll see a change almost immediately. Check out some of our favorite products and applications below.

How much sea salt spray should I use?

As much as we'd love to give you an exact amount, there is no "perfect" number of sprays. Ultimately, the number of sprays you need depends on the length and thickness of your hair and the type of style you are trying to achieve!

If you have fine or short hair, we recommend using only one pump of Sea Salt Spray at a time. If you have longer hair, you may need to spray several times before you get the desired result.

Our advice: start slowly and gradually add sea salt spray until you achieve the look you want.

Does Sea Salt Spray dry out my hair?

The salt in water molecules attracts moisture, so sea salt sprays can definitely draw moisture from your hair - even if you're surfing at sea! But high-quality sea salt spray usually contains extra nourishing ingredients to prevent dehydration.

If you still feel like your hair is drying out, consider adding a serum or other natural oils to your hair routine. Also, don't forget to wash your hair regularly with a sulfate-free shampoo to keep your locks healthy and happy!

Is sea salt spray good for all hair types?

Due to their versatility and ease of use, sea salt sprays are suitable for all hair types, making them indispensable in all types of care routines.

Benefits of Sea Salt Spray for fine hair

Many people with fine, limp locks choose sea salt because it provides more body and a matte finish. Which means it retains its shape better than other products on the market today. The salty texturizing spray helps add thickness and volume where you need it most. Especially when styling your hair in a fauxhawk or a quiff.

Benefits of Sea Salt Spray for dry hair

If you have dry hair that cannot retain moisture, a sea slat spray with sea salt can be a great help. Sea Salt Spray makes the hair fibers fuller and expands. Making the hair appear thicker and more voluminous without weighing it down like hairspray often does. While hairspray can make your scalp greasy, sea salt spray contains natural ingredients that promote healthy roots.

Benefits of Sea Salt Spray for oily hair

The natural oils in your hair give it life and volume, but over time they can build up dirt. This makes the follicles heavier and gives your hair dull, straw-like locks. Sea salt spray brings life to the hair by absorbing much of this greasy buildup.

Benefits of salt spray for wavy hair

Sea Salt Spray strengthens the natural waves of thick hair without making the hair greasy or heavy - ideal for hot summer days. It helps create texture and definition while also taming frizz, so you can achieve softness without definition issues (meaning less time spent styling).

Benefits for curly hair

As with wavy hair, sea salt spray is also a great way to define curls and prevent them from becoming frizzy. Sea Salt Spray adds definition to curly locks and controls frizz while fighting static caused by dryness (which means you may need less other products).

Benefits of Sea Salt Spray for straight hair

For people with straight hair: spray on towel-dried locks before blow-drying. This gives your hair more texture and volume.

Benefits of sea salt spray for short hair

The salt spray is not only suitable for long, lush locks - short hairstyles can also benefit from it. Spray some sea salt on your hair to give it extra strength without the sticky or crunchy feeling you get from other products. You will see how well this works if you apply it correctly.

Benefits of Sea Salt Spray for long hair

Long hair is heavier than shorter hair. If your hair grows too long, it can become dull and lifeless. To keep the look of long hairstyles vibrant all day long without losing shape or becoming greasy, use sea salt spray to add natural volume when styled properly.

Now that you know everything you need to know about sea salt hair spray, treat yourself by exploring the offerings at Baard en Co.