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Unlock the Secrets to Cultivating a Majestic Beard: 6 Expert Tips!

by Jeroen Convens on Oct 07, 2022

6 Tips om je baard te laten groeien tot een prachtexemplaar! - Baard en Co

6 Tips to grow your beard into a beauty

It is and remains a trend; growing your beard. But beards come in many different types and types - from long, full beards to 3-day beards and from stubble to ducktail beards. Which beard would you like to go for? What is your favorite? Which type suits you bestjou?

Letting your beard hair grow isn't that difficult, but it really is beautiful specimen It requires the right care, attention and time. And remember; Everything you pay attention to grows - that certainly includes your beard! In this article we give you 6 tips to improve your... grow your beard into a beauty.

#1 Take your time and be patient when growing your beard.

The average beard hair grows about as fast as head hair. Growing a beard takes time. In addition, the amount of beard growth you have differs per person; some men have a lot of beard growth and other men only grow beards and whiskers in a few places. Beard growth depends on, among other things age, hereditary factors and testosterone. However, special beard care products can positively support beard growth, see also tip #5. But growing a beautiful beard always starts with patience!

Lachende man tijdens het laten groeien van een baard

#2 Don't shave in between: let your beard grow without interruption.

You may have heard that if you shave your beard regularly, it will grow better and faster. That's one fable! If you want to grow a beautiful (long) beard, leave the razor or shaver aside and let your beard grow for a while first. Again, be patient!!

#3 Take care of yourself while growing your beard.

It may sound strange, but relaxation and peace really help grow a nice beard. How can this be? Stress and little sleep are detrimental to testosterone levels. And testosterone is the natural hormone that supports beard growth. In addition, stress also causes hair loss. That is of course the last thing you want if you want to grow a beautiful beard. Something else that positively affects your testosterone level: to play sports. In addition, regular exercise also contributes to better blood circulation, which also stimulates beard growth. So make sure you get enough sleep, exercise and take care of yourself.

Oude man heet volle baard laten groeien

#4 The right diet

Also a balanced diet contributes to good and healthy beard growth. Foods high in proteins and healthy fats in particular help beard hair grow quickly and healthily. So don't forget to consume these foods. For example: fish, nuts, eggs, chicken fillet, dairy and avocado. And drink lots of water! Please note: alcoholic drinks have a negative impact on testosterone levels. So use this as little as possible.

#5 Use (beard) care products while growing your beard!

Many women regularly use skin care products, such as day and night creams, oils, moisturizers and face washes. Even as a man - especially if you want to create a beautiful beard - you can benefit from these types of products. Clean your face - and especially the beard area - regularly (for example once a week) with a face scrub. This removes dead skin cells and stimulates healthy skin cells and your blood circulation. Using a day cream also stimulates healthy beard growth. It ensures that the moisture content of your skin remains optimal. So be sure to look for facial care products - and be sure to take a look at the shelves with care products especially for the beard - and let that beard grow!

#6 Take good care of your beard

If you now have a beard, it is important to continue to take good care of your beard. Only then will you ensure that your beard really becomes (and remains!) a beauty. You can go to many barbers and hairdressers for the care and maintenance of your beard, but with a little practice and information you can often do it yourself! There are countless videos on the internet about the perfect care of different types of beards. In addition, make sure that you use quality materials; a good trimmer and high-quality care products, as beard shampoo, beard oil or beard balm and possibly a beard conditioner. If you have a mustache, you can also style it nicely with our moustache mustache wax.

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