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You can shave your beard with

A comfortable shave and a nice smooth shave, that's what we want! Therefore, use superior quality shaving products for perfect protection while shaving your beard. Some men don't like shaving at all, while other men find it a wonderful activity. Yet for every man, the tools and products are very important for the end result. Whether it concerns shaving your entire beard or shaving a ring beard, a smoothly shaven face without irritation and soft skin is what every man wants. If you want to know how to shave your beard, read on..

Which razor do you choose for beard shaving??

In addition to using a shaving foam or shaving soap is the razor just as important. Therefore, don't let your choice of razor be just one. There are different types of razors.

Are you looking for one? safety razor with butterfly closure Or would you prefer an authentic open razor for the ultimate shaving experience? You could go for a cartridge razor that you know from the drugstore or supermarket. For the smoothest result without irritation, we recommend the safety razor with a double edge blade razor. A safety razor for beard shaving seems like an expensive investment, but in the long term it is definitely worth the investment! ! 

However, if you are a fanatic shaver, or if you want to shave the ring beard with top tools, then the Shavette or Straight razor might be something for you.

Would you rather choose Gillette Mach3 or Fusion to shave your beard? That is certainly possible! This is also very pleasant for many men, although it is the more expensive and least sustainable choice..

Products for beard shaving

To shave your beard properly, you naturally need high-quality shaving products. It is wise to use a pre-shave before shaving. A pre-shave contains oils that soften the hairs and therefore make them easier to shave. There is then less resistance and therefore less chance of irritation. The oils also provide a soft layer on the skin so that the knife glides easily over the skin.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, use an unscented or paraben-free shaving soap to shave your beard. If you prefer a fresh feeling or a nice scent while shaving, choose a wonderfully classic perfumed shaving cream or an invigorating shaving foam. We at Baard en Co recommend a shaving soap or shaving cream for the best shaving experience. It takes a little more patience and knowledge, but it gives the best results.t.

What after shaving the beard??

Finished shaving your beard and feeling fresh and fruity again. Then store your shaving supplies clean and tidy. The skin can often be dry after shaving. The pores are also still wide open. It is best to use an aftershave after shaving your beard. The aftershave will close the pores. And prevent razor burn.