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Beard soap or beard shampoo?

by Jeroen Convens on Oct 07, 2022

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What is beard soap/beard shampoo?

Whether your goal is a long, full or short beard, washing your beard regularly is a must. Beard soap or beard shampoo is used to clean your beard hairs and underlying skin. It is not the intention that any of the product remains after washing. Always use natural products without chemicals. We have some wonderful scents in our range. Never use shampoo to clean your head because the amount of cleaning product could cause your beard hairs to become dull and lose their shine.

How to use beard soap/beard shampoo?

Frequent (daily) washing is not necessary. Your beard hairs dry out faster than your scalp hairs. That is why you are not going to wash it every day and why you should never use regular shampoo for your beard. So wash your beard two or three times a week as follows:moisten your beard, apply some soap or shampoo, rub and let it work for a while. Then rinse away all the product thoroughly. We have some wonderful scents in the range, try them. After cleaning you can proceed to caring for the beard.