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Exquisitely crafted precision products are brought to life by them. Over the many years of existence, FEATHER SAFETY RAZOR CO., LTD. introduced a wide range of innovative products to countless professionals. Based on our ultra-sharp blade technology, these tools have become the favorite choice of medical professionals, barbers, beauticians and other users of razors. Their goal is to create timeless products that are not just trendy. They have long been supported by our customers and partners. Now they strive to repay that support by continually improving our products to bring convenience to customers' lives and help improve healthcare and personal hygiene for generations to come, around the world. The smiles of all customers have always supported Feather, and they will continue to inspire them as the future unfolds.

Barbers and other professionals make frequent use of the open razors from Feather. An important advantage of these knives is that they use replaceable blades, so the blade does not have to be sharpened after every shave and can be used again immediately. This results in a hygienic and fast shaving experience!

At Feather, several core values ​​are central: guaranteeing the high quality of all products, putting the customer first and striving for an environmentally friendly production process. To achieve these values, we implement programs focused on energy savings, conservation of natural resources, waste reduction and recycling.

The Safety Razors and Shavettes from Feather

Feather's flagship is of course their range safety razors. They enjoy an excellent reputation among connoisseurs worldwide, and for good reason. Its ease and sharpness are extremely difficult to match. Safety razors mainly find their way to private individuals, who simply use them in their own bathroom.

Another prized product is the shavette, which is mainly used by professional barbers and other specialists. What the shavette What makes it so special is that it is reusable because you can change the blades after every shave. This achieves a higher level of hygiene.


Razor blades from Feather

Over the many decades of its existence, Feather has had an extensive range safety razors and shavettes developed. Moreover, the Feather razor blades wet shaving has a loyal following among experts. Feather offers razor blades for almost any type of shaver, including double edge blades, single edge blades, styling blades and shavette blades.

Of course we have all these variants in our range! Please take a look and decide for yourself which one suits you best razor suits.


Are the Feather blades really that good??

Yes, Feather blades generally have an excellent reputation in the shaving world. They are known for their sharpness and precision, which makes them attractive to those who strive for a close and precise shave. Many users report that Feather blades provide an efficient shaving experience with less pulling and pulling of the hairs, which can result in less irritation.

However, the most important thing is that the experience with razor blades is subjective and depends on personal preferences and skin types. What works perfectly for one person may be less suitable for another. That's why it's always a good idea to try different brands and types razor blades try them out to find out which one suits your needs best. What is considered "best" for one person may be different for another.

What type of hair are the Feather Blades suitable for??

With the Feather Blades razors you can actually shave any beard. However, men with naturally thicker beard hair often benefit more from the double edge blades of this brand. These blades are exceptionally sharp and therefore provide a smoother shaving experience, resulting in a smooth finish. Even men who are already familiar with using a safety razor can use these blades effectively.

Why are the blades so sharp??

How come Feather Blades' Double Edge Blades are so sharp To understand this, we need to look at the wider activities of the manufacturer, which produces surgical blades in addition to shaving tools. The expertise acquired in the production of surgical instruments is applied to razors to be manufactured to the highest possible quality. This allows men with beards to benefit from this shared knowledge and enjoy superior shaving performance.


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