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What is pomade?

Pomade is a hairstyling product that provides the user with long-lasting hold and a healthy shine. There are different types of pomade for different hair types and hairstyles.

Types of pomade

Over the past centuries, barbers and hairstylists have created different types of pomade to meet the needs of their clients. It is best to choose a pomade that suits the hairstyle you want and the hair type you have.

Oil-based pomade

The great thing about oil-based pomade is that the "greasiness" depends on how much you dare to use. Despite its name, oil-based hair pomade is made from petroleum jelly. This is the ingredient that gives the high shine to your hair.

Although Vaseline does not moisturize your hair, it does create a protective layer. This layer retains moisture and reduces the occurrence of split ends. This type of hair pomade can also be used to straighten curly hair.

Not only does it give your mane a healthy shine, it is also the best option for men who want to restyle their hair during the day. Because this pomade does not dry, you can run a comb through your hair for a fresh look whenever you feel like it.

The downside to oil-based pomade is that it can take several washes to get it out - and shampoo isn't usually a solution.

Oil-based pomade is an excellent option for sleek hairstyles, such as the duck tail or pompadour.

Water-based pomade

Water-based pomade is an excellent solution to the stickiness of oil-based pomade. This water-soluble formula is washable in just one shower.

However, water dries quickly. And when it dries, you better love it, because if you're not satisfied, you'll have to wash and style it again.

Although water-based pomade provides strong hold, it cannot be easily combed throughout the day. This inflexibility can cause problems on windy days. And when it rains, you can forget about styling.

Water-based pomade is best applied to quiffs and comb-overs as the hold is strong enough to support longer styles.

Light, Medium, Strong Hold: what's the difference?

When we talk about the strength of a hair product, we are talking about its "holding power". The holding power is divided into light, medium and strong (or maximum) hold.


A light hold means that your pomade conditions and positions your hair, but it can still move a bit. Your hair may still blow in the wind, but it won't become frizzy and tangled (unless that's the look you're going for).


Medium hold allows some movement, but keeps your hair more or less in place. Medium hold pomade is great for adding texture.


Strong hold pomade is ideal for men who want to keep their look the same all day long, whether it's raining or sunny. After all, your hair wants to fall a certain way - usually in the direction of gravity. For high combs and high quiffs, you need a strong hair pomade that can hold your hair in an unnatural upward position.

The question is: which pomade is right for you. The answer ultimately depends on your hair type and the style you want to present. Only you can decide..