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Beard oil

What is beard oil?

Beard oil will nourish your beard hairs and care for the skin under the beard. You beard starts to shine and a suitable perfume finishes it off. You may experience itching, especially in the initial period, and beard oil is recommended. Some use it as a perfume since you can use beard oil as often as you want. If you want to buy beard oil, choose the best beard oil of good quality because the hydration of your skin and beard is super important.

Why your beard needs beard oil:

It is logical that you ask the question: Why should I buy beard oil. Because if you are not really familiar with it, you may not know what its function is. We would like to give you a brief explanation of why beard oil is so

Choose the best beard oil:

Beard care is important so that you look well-groomed. Just like washing and styling your hair, this is also important for a beard. In addition, your beard could use some extra care if you suffer from dry, dull, frizzy or stiff beard hairs.

Baard & Co recommends everyone with a beard to buy beard oil. Whether you have a stubble, trimmed beard, little beard growth, a beard without a mustache, it doesn't matter. For a stubble beard you only need 1 to 2 drops of beard oil per day. With a long or full beard we recommend using 5 drops. Don't forget to take the skin into account.

Beard care is important to prevent irritations and beard itching, to get a healthy shine and to keep the beard in good shape. In addition, natural beard oil hydrates the skin under the beard and good hygiene is of course not a bad thing either. Nothing is more annoying if you have irritated skin, you would rather prevent this than cure it. With the best beard oil, your beard will be healthier and you will also look more confident.

How to use beard oil?

Make sure your beard hairs are clean and dry. Beard oil is completely liquid. So drop a few drops into your palm and rub the product over your beard hairs or massage as much as possible into your skin. Massage from bottom to top and then shape your beard again with a beard comb. You can repeat this as often as you want. Your beard will shine and the perfume can spread.

How much beard oil should you use??

How much beard oil to use depends on the length and thickness of the beard. Do not apply too much, because beard oil does not evaporate like water does. If you apply too much it can end up feeling greasy.

How long does it take for beard oil to work?

The main benefits of using beard oil (adding hydration and fragrance to your beard) take effect immediately upon use. Beard oils from Baard & Co are light and non-greasy, and your beard absorbs the oil like a sponge. With consistent use, it may take a few weeks before the soothing and caring effects are noticeable. Especially if you have a long beard or a full beard.

The best time to apply beard oil

So you know when to start using beard oil, but what is the best time to apply beard oil. This is what we recommend::

  • After showering Always use beard oil after showering. Taking a hot shower removes the natural oils from your beard. The heat and steam feel great, but they aren't the best for your beard. Apply a few drops of beard oil and return the oils to your beard..
  • Before going to sleep You only need to apply a drop or two just before going to sleep. Try to get this oil to the base of your beard and onto the skin underneath. This helps keep your skin hydrated all night long and makes your beard more manageable in the morning..
  • During the day (if necessary) This depends on the nature of your environment during the day. If you work outdoors or in a colder climate, it's almost certain that you'll need to reapply some beard oil in the afternoon. Judge for yourself and if your beard feels dry or needs some extra love, apply a little oil halfway through the day..

Can beard oil make your beard grow faster?

There is not yet enough scientific evidence that beard oil stimulates beard hair growth. What the best beard oil does do is care for the hair follicles and keep the hair healthy. This means that beard oil prevents split ends. This makes your hair grow better, become stronger and break less quickly. Users of beard oil certainly benefit from the nourishing effect that this oil has. Everything starts with good hydrated skin condition that allows beard hair to grow. This creates the best way to grow your hair.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a beard oil??

What you should look carefully at when choosing a high-quality beard oil are the ingredients. If there are no oils on the first few lines of the ingredients list, it is better to ignore these. A good beard oil is made as much as possible from high-quality natural ingredients, such as the very nourishing argan oil, for example. In the Baard & Co range you will only find good quality beard oils..

What beard oil scents are there??

Are you going for a spicy beard oil, or do you want a fresher scent? What many men find a wonderful scent is the so-called wood/woody scent. You can find this in many types of beard oil. If you prefer to smell your eau-de-toilette and not have a mix of scents under your nose, go for an odorless beard oil. An odorless beard oil contains all the caring ingredients but not the essential oils that provide the oil with fragrance. If you suffer from irritated skin, we also recommend trying an odorless beard oil. It is possible that your skin will become irritated from the essential oil.

Where to buy the best beard oil?

You can buy the best beard oil at Baard & Co. We have a wide range so you can choose the perfect oil for your beard! Use our search filters to easily search for the products you are looking for in our webshop. If you have any questions, be sure to ask Contact Contact us because we are happy to help you find the best beard oil for you!