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What is beard balm?

by Jeroen Convens on Oct 07, 2022

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What is beard balm?

You can use beard balm both to shape your beard and to nourish your skin.

Unfortunately, there is also such a thing as a bad beard day. Nature often needs a little help. Even if your beard has been trimmed, it is best to shape it the way you want with the help of some balm. This can be done daily without harming your beard. You can also attribute nourishing and shining your hair to your beard balm.m.

You often see shea butter as an ingredient. This is responsible for shaping and maintaining the shape. The more shea butter the stronger and longer the model will last.

Beard balm often contains jojoba and argan oil, 2 natural ingredients that nourish, good for skin and hair.

Balms containing petroleum, on the other hand, should be avoided. It may sound masculine as a scent, but petroleum is often the cause of skin irritations. So let it be.

Our range always mentions the scent, so choose what suits your lifestyle.

If you can't choose between a beard balm or a beard oil, know that the texture of a balm is firmer. The result is that more product remains in the beard and less penetrates the skin. If you want shape and care for your beard, use a balm, if you want to hydrate your skin, use a beard oil.

How to use beard balm?

Make sure your beard is clean and dry. Apply a ball the size of an almond nut in your palm. Allow the balm to get used to the temperature of your hand. Rub the melted balm onto your fingers and run your fingers through your beard. This is how you shape your beard. You will feel whether the amount is right for your beard or too much or too little. You can apply this care daily.