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Reuzel surf tonic 350 ml

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Product description

So you can expect a lot of volume and structure. This product is very good for messy and matte hairstyles. Your hair gets a lot of grip with a light hold. That is why this surf tonic can also be used as a prestyler.

Reuzel Surf Tonic provides a light hold with a matte finish. The formula contains natural ingredients to soften your hair at the same time. This product contains no parabens or sulphates and no fragrance has been added to this tonic.

Important ingredients:

- Sea salt:provides a lot of structure and volume.
- Witch hazel:cleanses your hair and moisturizes your scalp.
- Horsetail extract:reduces scalp irritation and other scalp ailments, such as dandruff or eczema.

How to use the Reuzel Surf Tonic:

Apply the Reuzel Surf Tonic to slightly damp hair. Spray the tonic from the middle to the ends of your hair. You can then blow-dry your hair to achieve maximum volume. If desired, then apply your favorite Reuzel styling product for more hold and styling.