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Reuzel green grease pomade 113gr

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Some call the Reuzel Green Grease pomade the green grease. This pomade is therefore an oil base and not a water base. Frequently used by barbers worldwide, it helps to style any hairstyle. It smells wonderfully fresh with a hint of lime and mint. Beeswax has been added to care for the scalp.

You can style and restyle throughout the day, wash out well with a regular shampoo at the end of the day.

Reuzel Green Grease Pomade is strongest when you use it on dry hair. First brush the hair dry and then apply. If you want a light hold, leave the hair damp. Take a quantity of pomade in your hands and spread it evenly. The friction in your hands will cause the pomade to warm up slightly. Now rub the pomade through your hair. You first style with your hands, but finish with a comb and brush. This pomade does not dry out or harden, so you can restyle all day long without losing the shine. Use the Reuzel daily shampoo to remove.

Scent:lime, mint