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Beard comb n°9 cherry wood

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The Big Red No.9 beard comb. Designed with longer, thicker teeth and a greater distance between teeth, the No.9 beard comb allows you to tackle your long, thick, curly beard with ease.

As your beard grows, so do its grooming needs. Once your beard has reached a certain length, you will want to switch from your No.7 or No.5 beard comb to the No.9 beard comb. We recommend making the switch when your beard has reached a medium to long length. The No.9 beard comb not only glides through your beard with ease, but also helps to untangle those pesky tangles.

The No.9 beard comb is made with laminated technology, which ensures that your comb is made as strong as possible. The beard comb consists of a total of five layers, with the two inner layers being perpendicular to the outer layers, for extra strength of the teeth and body of the beard comb. With this process we have dramatically increased the strength to ensure that your comb will last a long time.

The Big Red beard combs were originally designed to be taken with you on the go. They are small enough to carry with you all day to care for your beard, anytime, anywhere. We like to think of them as travel beard combs. Please view the dimensions below to see the actual size of the comb.

Cherry wood on the outside, oriental maple on the inside - creating a maple 'pinstripe'
Manufactured with laminated technology
Ideal for medium to long lengths
9.5cm long x 3.9cm wide
Static File
Protective 100% recyclable, resealable packaging