Wilkinson Sword Box - Double edge blades
Wilkinson Sword  - Double edge blades
Wilkinson Sword Box Double edge blades
Wilkinson Sword  Double edge blades

Wilkinson sword box - double edge blades

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Wilkinson Double Edge Blades for Safety Razors: The High-Quality Choice

Wilkinson Double Edge Blades are the ultimate choice for safety razor enthusiasts. These interchangeable razor blades are made of high-quality, triple-coated steel and fit effortlessly into most common safety razors. Furthermore, they offer a versatile function: when broken in half, these blades effortlessly transform into perfect single edge blades for Shavettes and barber's knives.

Unparalleled Sharpness and Comfort

With an impressive sharpness of 4 on a scale of 5, the Wilkinson Double Edge Blades are the ideal choice for people with extremely sensitive to normal skin and light to very heavy hair growth. These German knives, from Solingen, are known for their sharpness and exceptional forgiveness. They retain their sharpness over several shaves and provide an unparalleled smooth shave and maximum shaving comfort.

High-quality German Quality

Wilkinson Sword has a rich history and tradition of quality. Today's machining of the Wilkinson Double Edge Blades has retained the original precision and has been further improved thanks to Wilkinson's famous triple coating process. This advanced processing includes the addition of Chrome for corrosion resistance, Ceramic for extra durability, and PTFE (Teflon) to minimize irritation.

Safety and Hygiene

Each box contains 20 Wilkinson Sword plastic dispensers, each with handy storage space for used blades. In addition, the double edge blades are individually wrapped in paraffin paper, which ensures guaranteed safety, sterility and a long shelf life.

Environmental friendliness

To safely collect used blades and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner, we recommend using a Blade Bank. This allows you to dispose of the blades separately for recycling, which contributes to a sustainable approach.

Choose the high-quality Wilkinson Double Edge Blades and experience the difference in sharpness, comfort and durability with every shave.



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