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Slick gorilla clay pomade 70 gr.

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Product description

Slick Gorilla Clay Pomade is suitable for all hair types and helps to separate, define and model your hair. It provides a high hold that you can restyle with a matte finish. You get a lot of structure and that is why this hair clay is very suitable for messy hairstyles.

Slick Gorilla Clay Pomade is vegan and especially suitable for looser hairstyles with a lot of structure. Your hair will look natural and restyling is no problem. The formula contains no parabens or sulphates.

How to use the Slick Gorilla Clay Pomade:
Rub the Slick Gorilla Clay Pomade well between your hands and apply it to dry or slightly damp hair. Wetter hair gives you more shine. Use a styling tool or your fingers for styling depending on how sleek you want your look.