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Reuzel scrub shampoo 350ml

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Product description

Reuzel Scrub Shampoo is ideal for removing heavy styling products and pomade residue. This lard shampoo deeply cleanses your hair and has moisturizing properties for the scalp. The scrub particles are ideal for removing products present on your hair. The cleaning properties remove dirt and grease. Your hair feels fresh again, just like your scalp. The lard shampoo contains witch hazel, nettle, rosemary and dandelions.

Reuzel Scrub Shampoo can be used every day.

First wet your hair and then massage a small amount of Reuzel Scrub Shampoo onto hair and scalp. Leave it on for 2 minutes and then rinse well. If there are still dirt residues in your hair, you can repeat the treatment either with the Reuzel scrub shampoo or with the Reuzel Daily shampoo, always rinse thoroughly with water.
Can also be used as a body scrub. Apply the shampoo to a cloth or sponge and massage gently over the entire body. This gives you a fresh and clean feeling.

Fragrance:witch hazel, nettle, rosemary and dandelions