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Proraso green refreshing pre-shave cream 300 ml

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Proraso Pre-Shave Cream is a professional pre-shave cream designed to prepare the skin for a comfortable and close shave. It has been specially developed for professional hairdressers and barbershops and comes in a 300ml package.

The cream contains a unique blend of natural ingredients such as eucalyptus oil, menthol and camphor, which help to soften, hydrate and refresh the skin. It also reduces the risk of irritation and razor burns.

The Proraso Green Refreshing Pre-Shave Cream 300 ml can be applied before shaving and ensures that the hairs are softened and stand up, making them easier to shave. It also provides a protective layer between the skin and the razor, which reduces the chance of irritation and redness.

The Proraso Green Refreshing Pre-Shave Cream is suitable for all skin types and can be used with any razor. It is an ideal product for professional use in barbershops and hair salons, but also for home use for a smooth and comfortable shave.

DeProraso Green Refreshing Pre-Shave Cream has a rich and creamy texture that is easily applied and absorbed by the skin. It is free of parabens, silicones, mineral oils and artificial dyes, making it a safe and natural option for personal care.

The Proraso Green Refreshing Pre-Shave Cream 300 ml packaging is ideal for professional hairdressers and barbershops as it contains a large amount of cream and the packaging can be used to easily dose and apply the cream. It is a cost-effective solution for professional skin care before shaving.

In combination with other Proraso products, such as shaving cream and aftershave lotion, the Proraso Pre-Shave Cream can provide a complete and effective shaving routine. It is a must-have product for men who value a close, comfortable and neat shave, regardless of whether they shave professionally or shave at home.


Proraso Green
It was the first line of Proraso, the green classic. Renewed in formulation, it differs from previous products by the quality of the current ingredients. Refreshing and invigorating, less suitable for very sensitive skin, but beneficial for many. With pleasant notes of menthol and eucalyptus..

Proraso pre-shave is sustainably packaged in a plastic bowl with a screw lid with a capacity of 300ml.

About this fragrance line
The classic aroma of Proraso Original is based on the successful marriage of eucalyptus and mint; an intensely fresh experience of natural aromas that will give your skin a refreshing feeling.


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Gert Brouckaert
Proraso Pre Shave Green

Is een zeer frisse crème, met een zeer sterke geur. Verkoeld enorm de huid. Je hebt inderdaad een zeer goede beschermlaag bij het scheren.