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Derby Extra Double Edge Blades

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Derby Extra Double Edge Blades are made of high quality Swedish stainless steel:Chromium-Ceramic-Platinum-Tungsten and Polymer. This is the guarantee for optimal strength and longer life. They fit all types of Double Edge razors. They have a high carbon content and are coated with platinum for a long time under strict quality standards. These blades are very forgiving and therefore also very suitable for the novice user of a safety razor and people with sensitive skin. Sharpness of 1 on the scale of 5.


You break them in half and use one half in the neck knife (shavette) or completely with a safety razor. The Double Edge Blades from Derby are the ideal blade to start shaving, they are very forgiving.

Packed per 5
Sharpness:1 (on a scale of 5)