Stimuleer Baardgroei met de Dick Johnson Baardgroei Roller | Microneedling Technologie
Stimuleer Baardgroei met de Dick Johnson Baardgroei Roller | Microneedling Technologie werking

Beard Growth Roller - Dick Johnson

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Product description

The Dick Johnson Beard Growth Roller is specially designed for anyone who wants to promote the growth and health of their beard. This unique tool uses Microneedling technology to stimulate the skin's natural healing processes and thus promote beard growth.

The Beard Growth Roller has hundreds of fine needles that leave small punctures in the skin while rolling. This causes mild irritation that encourages the skin to produce more collagen and improve blood circulation, which contributes to healthy hair follicles and therefore beard growth.

The Beard Growth Roller is simple and safe to use at home and can be easily integrated into a regular beard care routine. Use it 2-3 times a week on clean skin for best results.

The Beard Growth Roller is made of high-quality materials that guarantee a long lifespan. It is light and compact, so you can also take it with you when traveling thanks to the included cover.

Please note: although Microneedling can be an effective method of promoting beard growth, it is not suitable for everyone. Avoid using the product if you suffer from skin irritations, acne or other skin problems.

The Beard Growth Roller has gained great popularity with over 15,000 units sold. The product has received more than 200 customer reviews, of which 91% rate the product with at least four stars.

Disinfect your Beard Growth Roller thoroughly before and after each use with a disinfectant or 70% alcohol. The best cleaning agent for your Beard Growth Roller can be found here.

To achieve faster results, you should combine the Beard Growth Roller with the beard growth serum.

  • More than 500 microneedles made of surgical steel
  • Color: Piano Black
  • Stimulates the skin for better hair growth
  • Can improve skin texture

Use and hygiene of the beard growth roller

Roll the Beard Growth Roller over your face so that the needles roll over your skin. Once you understand the device, you can slightly increase the pressure on the cone. However, the skin should not be damaged. You can use the roller to treat your entire face. Don't worry, your beard won't grow on your forehead, but you will get the cleansing benefit of treatment on areas where hair doesn't grow.

Using the Beard Growth Roller does not hurt or cause bleeding, provided your skin is healthy. It is recommended to use the Beard Growth Roller 1-2 times a week on clean skin. After use, the skin may have a slight burning sensation, but that is completely normal. Do not use the Beard Growth Roller on damaged skin.

The Beard Growth Roller lasts about 4 to 6 months, after which the microneedles of the Beard Growth Roller start to wear out. At that time, the Beard Growth Roller should be replaced with a new one.


Always remember to thoroughly clean the Beard Growth Roller with an alcohol-containing product before use. This product is a body care product. Disinfect the needle heads thoroughly before use. Also clean the skin surface thoroughly before treatment. Do not touch the skin for 2 hours after treatment. Pay particular attention to hygiene, because microneedling causes small wounds in the skin.


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