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Simpsons shaving brush case c1 best badger

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Alexander Simpson started making brushes in 1919. Since then, Simpson shaving brushes have built a worldwide reputation. In 2008, Progress bought Vulfix, the company that still makes the best shaving brushes in the world by hand.

The Case Simpson shaving brush is made with Best Badger bristles.

  • Total length - 83 mm.
  • Handle length - 43 mm.
  • Button width - 40 mm.
  • Button - 19 mm.

Handmade in England.

With regard to the use and ongoing maintenance of your new Simpson shaving brush, we recommend the following procedures:

When shaving, try using a back and forth stroke with the shaving brush to build up lather rather than circular "pureing" motions that tend to put extra tension and pressure on the bristles. Too much force can cause the bristles to break or loosen from their adhesive bond. Never soak your shaving brush in water at a temperature higher than your skin could withstand.

  • After shaving, ensure that the shaving brush is completely free of ANY soap or cream residue. Use clean, warm water and gently squeeze the base of the knot to determine if all residue is gone (this prevents the formation of mold)..
  • Gently shake the brush and lightly stroke the bristles against a very soft towel to remove excess moisture in the knot.
  • Let stand or hang (either is fine) in a well-ventilated area, preferably near an open window. Inadequate drying time between shaves WILL result in fungus deep in the knot and eventual hair loss.l.
  • If possible, try an alternative between two brushes to allow a 48 hour drying period.n.
  • Wash your brush with a regular hair product about every month to keep it nice and clean.