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Mr bear family - beard brush - large - 22 cm

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The handle of the brush is made of 100% olive wood, and the brush is made of boar hair. The brush itself is finished with a wax layer which gives the grain of the wood that extra contrast.

Boar hair is very suitable for daily beard care and helps to distribute the natural oils/products evenly throughout the beard. Regular brushing vitalizes the skin and prevents a dry beard.

The perfect brush for the man with the beard.

(psst, it also works well for the hair on the head)

Before first use, new brushes should be washed well with warm soapy water. Do not leave the soaped brush. Rinse thoroughly under running water immediately after use. Otherwise, soap residue will remain on the head of the brush, which can damage the fine hair, especially in the middle. Dry the brush by repeatedly shaking out any remaining water and then hang it with the bristles pointing downwards, preferably in a suitable holder. Do not use chemical detergents to clean the brush.