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Suavecito premium lavender beard oil

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Product description

The Premium Blend Lavender has a floral scent with a strong and masculine character.

The Lavender Beard Oil has a floral character in scent, despite its floral character, the Lavender Beard Oil remains masculine and has a fresh scent. The Premium Blend Beard Oil is made from the most beautiful oils the earth has to offer. The beard oils from the Premium Blends series have been composed with great care. This is to care for the beard with the finest and most beautiful ingredients. The beard hairs will be softened and hydrated with this oil, including the underlying skin. The beard will feel soft and comfortable and will be better protected against drying out with the oil.

The Suavecito Premium products were created by researching the barbering profession. Traditions and products that have been forgotten are composed in the traditional way and packaged in the new Premium Blends.

Fragrance:lavender, flowers

Contents:30 ml