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Osma tradition beard shampoo – 200ml

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Osma Tradition Beard Shampoo, because a poorly cared for beard can quickly give a wild look. By using this beard shampoo you can achieve a healthy and easy-to-comb beard. With 98% natural ingredients, the OSMA TRADITION beard shampoo restores your beard and makes maintenance easier.

- Oak flower water known for its astringent and purifying properties, provides the necessary protection for your beard and protects your skin at the same time.

- The extracts of Panama wood, make it an excellent natural soap, for a healthy and silky beard.

Finally, its fragrant composition, with fruity and woody notes, will give an immediate feeling of freshness. The pump bottle is ideally designed for practical use in the shower. Suitable for every beard and skin type.


Place a little shampoo in the palm of your hand, then lather it directly into your beard with circular massage and rinse with water.

Smell:Traditional, fresh, fruit, wood