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Epsilon silvertip badger shaving brush 54/26mm

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The Epsilon Silvertip Badger shaving brush is a beautiful creation made with a traditional handle and Silvertip badger hair, which guarantees a luxurious and comfortable shave every time. This brush has a loft of 54mm and a knot size of 26mm, giving it excellent foam and water retention for an optimal shaving experience.

Discover unrivaled softness, luxurious comfort and effortless lathering with the Epsilon Silvertip Badger shaving brush. Made from the finest materials for a more pleasant shaving experience, this brush is the perfect way to pamper your skin. Experience the upgrade you deserve! Are you ready for a superior shave?

Total height - 96 mm
Handle height - 45 mm
Button loft - 54mm
Button diameter - 26 mm