Dapper Dan Matt Clay - 100ml - Baard en Co - Pommade - 634158476280
Dapper Dan Matt Clay - 100ml - Baard en Co - Pommade - 634158476280

Dapper dan matt clay - 100ml

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Product description

Dapper Dan Matt Clay is the styling product for wilder or messy hairstyles and provides a strong hold with a matte look. The Dapper Dan Matt Clay is soft and easy to apply in the hair. Washing out the styling products is often a problem, but with this clay that is not the case. The clay is completely washable after the first use and this is no problem afterwards.

Most important features:
Strong hold
Matte finish
Fresh vanilla scent
Suitable for short and long hair
Apply a fingertip of Clay to the palm of your hand and rub it in so that the Clay can then be evenly distributed over the hair. The product is smoothly absorbed on towel-dried hair, so this is easier than when the hair has already dried completely. With more hair, more Clay can also be used, if the hair does not get enough hold, feel free to use extra Dapper Dan Matt Clay for the desired result.

A hairstyle in the desired model with a matte finish. A small fingertip of this clay will last a long time, but for more grip you can easily use a little more clay.

If you would like to be able to apply the product more easily, that is possible. Take some water in your hand and rub it together with the Matt Clay in the palm of your hand, after which you can apply it even more easily to the hair.

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