BaByliss PRO Skeleton trimmer - GunsteelFX - FX7870GSE - Baard en Co - 3030050164459

BaByliss PRO Skeleton trimmer - GunsteelFX - FX7870GSE

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- Powerful and sharp black gold skeleton trimmer for precise detailing and contouring!
- If you're a fan of BaByliss PRO's Super Motor machines, you'll appreciate all the power you get from their high-torque brushless motors and the great cut that their precision-engineered Japanese steel blades deliver.
- BaByliss PRO has introduced the Super Motor Skeleton Trimmer to give you ultimate control for precise detailing and contouring. This is thanks to the wide T-blade with its zero-gap function.
- The all-metal body with its silver-black color, takes its design cues from the other Super Motor machines. Like them, it is ergonomically designed with perfect balance for superior control.
- The Skeleton Trimmer's lithium battery delivers 120 minutes of sharp detailing and takes just 3 hours to fully recharge. And if you run out of juice halfway through cutting, you can plug it into the cord and continue cutting as usual.
- Supplied with charging stand, cleaning brush and maintenance oil.