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BaByliss Pro FoilFX02 - FXFS2GSE Black Edition - Gunsteel

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Product description

The professional BaBylissPRO®4Artists FOILFX02 and FOILFX01 shavers are a perfect mix of luxury, design and high-tech. Specially designed for shaving and all types of finishing. From perfectly blurring transition lines, smoothing them to finishing tight lines. With their floating, ultra-fine shaving foils, the skin can be shaved safely, completely bald, in peace and without irritating the skin. Their well-aligned design makes them very pleasant to use. The metal housings are not only stylish, but also strong. The shaving heads are very easy to detach, so regular maintenance is effortless. After use, the shavers switch off as soon as you place the protective cap on them.

FOILFX02With its NiMH battery, it can be used with or without a cord and can be charged within 3 hours. It can then be used continuously for up to 3 hours. Because it can be used both with and without a cord, it is possible to continue helping customers in the salon, without having to put the device down to recharge. The super fast and powerful DC motor moves the blades at 11,000 movements per minute! The double shaving head is equipped with ultra-fine floating shaving blades. The uneven placement ensures a super accurate shaving result and ensures that the contours and face can be shaved very close to the skin. The shaving width of no less than 44 mm makes it possible to shave both quickly and perfectly.

Product features FXFS2E

Full metal housing
Powerful rotating DC motor, 11,000 blade movements per minute
Double floating shaving head with ultra-fine shaving blades
NiMH battery for 3 hours of cordless use after a record charging time of just 3 hours
Extra wide blade:44 mm
Automatic switch-off when closed with protective cap
Storage bag
Cleaning brush
Professional cord of 3 m
Universal voltage