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BaByliss Pro 4Artists Double Foil Shaver Gold FoilFX02

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Product description

BaByliss Pro 4Artists Double Foil Shaver Gold FoilFX02

Discover the ultimate in precision and performance with the BaByliss Gold Foil Shaver - FXFS2GE. This professional gold shaver from BaByliss Pro not only offers high-quality functionality, but also exudes luxury and style with its striking gold finish. With this Babyliss Gold Shaver you gain agility, let your agility speak, cleanse and shave as close to the skin as possible in complete serenity!

This BaByliss Pro Foil Shaver shaver is equipped with advanced foil technology, powered by a powerful DC motor that generates an impressive blade speed of 11,000 movements per minute. This removes even the toughest beard hair with ease. The BaByliss Gold Foil Shaver works with a NiMH battery and can be used both corded and cordless, making it ideal for salon use without necessarily having to immobilize the device to charge.

The 44mm double shaving head features ultra-thin floating grilles, whose offset positioning ensures an ultra-precise shave. The BaByliss Gold Foil Shaver accurately follows the contours of the head and face, resulting in an effortless and perfect shave. The large shaving surface of 44 mm combines speed of execution with perfection. With the Babyliss Gold Shaver you can achieve professional shaving results quickly and easily.

Choose the BaByliss Gold Shaver - FXFS2GE and experience the ultimate combination of agility, power and precision for an unparalleled shaving experience. This is the shaver that meets the highest standards of quality and performance for the modern man who strives for the perfect shave.

The professional BaBylissPRO4Artists FOILFX02 and FOILFX01 shavers are a perfect mix of luxury, design and high-tech. Specially designed for shaving and all types of finishing. From perfectly blurring transition lines, smoothing to finishing clean lines. With their floating, ultra-fine shaving foils, the skin can be shaved safely, completely bald, in peace and without irritating the skin. Their well-aligned design makes them very pleasant to use. The metal housings are not only stylish, but also strong. The shaving heads are very easy to detach, so regular maintenance is effortless. As soon as you place the protective cap on, the shavers switch off..

With the FOILFX02 shaver, you can shave your head, blur transitions for optimal results or shave a head close. They make it possible to shave the neck perfectly clean and remove stray hairs from the face. For a sleek and beautiful result, without irritating the skin.

Product features

• Full metal housing
• Powerful rotating DC motor 11,0000
  movements of the shaving foil per minute
• Double floating shaving head with ultra-fine
• NiMH battery
• 3 hours of use time achieved with a super fast
   charging time of 3 hours
• Large shaving area of ​​44 mm
• Automatic switch-off when closing
   the protective cap
• Protective cover for cleaning brushl
• Professional cord of 3 m
• Universal voltage