Lockhart’s Anti-Gravity Pomade 105g - Baard en Co - Pommade - 0865925000289
Lockhart’s Anti-Gravity Pomade 105g - Baard en Co - Pommade - 0865925000289

Lockhart's Anti-Gravity Pomade 105g

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It took 2 years to bring Lockhart's Anti-Gravity pomade into the shape it is today. It is therefore the white whale from the Lockhart's range. The formula was adjusted several times to achieve an end result that everyone is satisfied with. Lockhart's Anti-Gravity Pomade has a water base but is still very strong without weighing the hair down. The pomade feels like a cream in the hand and has a subtle scent of fortune rose.

Coconut oil nourishes and strengthens the hair. Cucumber extract repairs and strengthens the hair. Rosemary leaf extract stimulates the hair follicles and ensures good blood flow. Finally, beeswax has been added for the strength of the product.


Only use a small amount at a time. Lockhart's Anti-Gravity pomade provides more firmness, but one can also use too much. Therefore, start by distributing 2 peas over the hair from the back to the front and repeat as often as necessary. Make sure your hair and the product are dry before applying a second coat.


Fragrance:Fortune Rose
Base:Water base