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What is mustache wax?

by Jeroen Convens on Oct 07, 2022

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What is mustache wax?

If you like a mustache more than a beard, just do a mustache. Easy to maintain… but not completely without it. If you let it grow, your whiskers will hang over your lips in no time. A mustache wax is recommended for shaping your mustache, but also for adding a nice shine and hydrating your whiskers.

How to use mustache wax?

A good wax sits firmly in the jar. Scrape a small amount from the jar with your fingernail and place it in the palm of your hand. Close the palm so that the wax can warm up and become slightly more malleable. When you think you are ready, spread the wax over your mustache. Always start in the middle and work towards the ends. Have you ever tried to let the ends grow a little longer so that you can curl the ends a bit?