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Bloedstelp Lucifers Osma Tradition

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The highly efficient styptic matches from Osma Tradition with aluminum sulphate as the active ingredient are particularly suitable for quickly treating shaving wounds. The active ingredients bind to the proteins of the damaged skin and cause them to contract (astringent effect), which stops the bleeding.

Such a seemingly simple thing can, in fact, become every man's irreplaceable friend in skin care. After all, why feel awkward when you can quickly remove it with one stick?

Effective, hygienic and easy to use. Experience the natural astringent and antibacterial properties of aluminum sulfide, when necessary. Also for small wounds caused by shaving the hair on the neck.

Break an aluminum sulphide blood styptic match from the packaging and dip the head of the match in cold water, rub it over or press it on the wound.

Osma Tradition Bloedstelp Matchsticks are packed per 20 pieces in a cardboard packaging.

INCI:Aluminum sulphate, water