Dutchbeards baardolie Darling Nicki 10ml - Baard en Co - Baardolie -
Dutchbeards baardolie Darling Nicki 10ml - Baard en Co - Baardolie -

Dutchbeards baardolie Darling Nicki 10ml

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Darling Nicki beard oil is quirky, euphoric, stimulating, spicy and warm, all properties that fit this Darling Nicki beard oil. An oil that has a very pleasant scent and is made with a combination of very soft base oils. In short, a real treat for your beard, your skin, and perhaps also for your partner.

Darling Nicki beard oil contains Cananga, which is a wild variant of Ylang Ylang. Cananga is an antidepressant and sedative. Patchouli is also present to a small extent. The addition of clary sage gives this oil a warm, sweet, spicy, earthy and slightly fruity undertone. But perhaps the most important fragrance note is White Musk, a soft full scent, lighter than the regular musk and also called the feminine variant.

The Avocado oil is caring, skin softening and regenerating. Apricot kernel oil is great for the skin under your beard. Suitable for all skin types, but especially for mature skin, sensitive and dry skin, damaged and/or cracked skin, chapped skin. The Wheat Germ Oil has excellent emollient properties that aid in moisturizing and conditioning the hair. Vitamin E oil for the nurturing aspect. Finally something new for the Dutchbeards beard oils, Baobab oil. Boabab oil moisturizes skin and hair, and makes dull hair shine again.


Put a few drops of Darling Nicki beard oil (5-10) on your hand and rub the beard oil warm between your hands. Run your fingertips through your beard over your skin from bottom to top (start in your neck) Do this until your hands are dry.

Grab a beard brush or beard comb to spread the oil even further.

The drops are an indication. How much you need depends entirely on how big your beard is and how dry the skin is underneath. Just experiment with this. What I find very pleasant is when I wash my hands later in the day, then I run my moist fingers through my beard and then the smell comes back completely.


Fragrance: Cananga, Patchouli, White Musk

Content: 10ml