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Apothecary 87 Vanilla & MANgo Baardolie Small

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The Vanilla & Mango beard oil is perhaps the most masculine scent from the Apothecary 87 line. Beard oil with a sweet vanilla scent coupled with the manliest fruit, MANgo. This creates a balanced, sweet yet clear scent. Your beard will be soft, healthy and well-groomed.

Did you know that the increased blood flow when massaging the skin will also stimulate growth?
The beard oil is good for skin and beard hair, and keeps your face looking healthy.

And guys, vanilla extract also works as an aphrodisiac.

Apothecary 87 beard oil is always designed to promote smooth skin, reduce irritation and prevent itching and dandruff.

Benefits Apothecary 87 Vanilla & MANgo Beard Oil:

  • Hydrates beard and skin
  • Strengthens hair roots
  • Keeps beard hair well conditioned
  • Reduces itching and irritation around the beard
  • Reduces split ends, resulting in healthier, faster growth

Apothecary 87 products are always made with respect for people, animals and the environment.

Ingredients:Grape Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Vitamin E